Worktop plays an integral role in overall kitchen look and design. Not only does it take up a significant area in the kitchen, it also adds value to its overall theme and style.


At Crystal kitchen & bedrooms we have exclusive range of worktops such as quartz, marble, granite, timber and glass. We provide a wide range of choices which can satisfy every family’s need and requirement. Over the years, we have been successful in providing stunning traditional and modern kitchen worktops in London; therefore, we have a huge selection of different materials, patterns and finishes to appease your taste.


We have a team of professionals in our showroom to help and guide you to make the best selection for your kitchen worktop. We pride our self in customer services and all our prices are based on individual requirements. Please visit our showroom or call us on


Chest of Drawers

Crystal kitchen & bedrooms design creative, stylish and innovative collection of bespoke chest of drawers. The chest of drawers is exclusively designed to bring contemporary appearance to your kitchen. The perfect craftsmanship enables soft sliding doors, versatility and discreet use in the smallest of kitchen spaces. The kitchen drawer is handmade with finesse to compliment your kitchen interior.


It comes in plethora of functionality and looks that can suit any kitchen space. The drawer is available in a wide range of colours, sizes and materials.


Crystal kitchen & bedrooms wardrobe is a perfect combination of style and functionality. The wardrobe is a special piece of furniture for your interior. The wardrobe has a contemporary look from outside and all the functionality you need on the inside. Wardrobe interior is divided into three compartments and shelves. The wardrobe is tailor-made and is available in a wide range of colours, sizes, materials and integrated lightings.


Your kitchen appliances are a crucial element of your home and it is important to give it the attention and care that it needs so that it will continue to serve your home in the future and provide you luxury and ease.


At Crystal kitchen & bedrooms we have been supplying top quality appliances for years. We have attained the ability to supply appliance brands from around the world. We have direct association with manufacturers which enables us to provide the best price for your chosen brand.


Crystal kitchen & bedrooms provides you with lots of accessories. We have all the accessories available from the top brand to mediocre. At our showroom you can find the following kitchen accessories: