How To Fix ‘dns Server Not Responding Error’ On Windows 10 And Mac

Because Windows Defender is the default antivirus program, you may wish to disable the Windows Internet Connection Firewall for a while . When anything goes wrong with your connection or an app on your computer, this is a troubleshooting step. If your DNS server is still not responding after following all of these instructions, consider deactivating the antivirus software on your computer.

You’ll notice a pop-up window with a list of all of your active connections. Choose the one you wish to deactivate and press the “Disable” button. It is almost always from the user’s perspective.

Way 2: Uninstall Nvidia Drivers With Driver Easy

DNS server allows improved connection speeds by skipping the DNS request period. On the General tab, make sure both Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically are selected. The DNS server is not working due to third-party antivirus software programs, then you can disable it temporarily or try using a different antivirus program. Disabling the antivirus temporarily doesn’t compromise the system security due to the built-in Windows Defender software. Now When the command prompt opens here type commandipconfig /flushdns and hit Enter. This will remove all the DNS cache entry which just might resolve the problem.

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If the off option is not available in the Configure IPv6 drop-down menu, try to disable IPv6 with the command line. If the website cannot be accessed after the previous solutions, try to change your DNS server address. If this solves the problem, update or reconfigure the antivirus and firewall programs before reactivating them.

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There are also many people using it, for uninstalling the AMD graphic driver for Windows 10, 8 and 7, there are two ways you can do it. After your uninstalled the NVIDIA graphic drivers for your Windows 10, 8, 7, you can download and update the latest NVIDIA Drivers manually or automatically. Now that you have a list of drivers that need to be deleted, simply go ahead and delete these drivers by typing in “pnputil.exe -f -d ” and hitting enter. This will force delete the driver and it should also remove the registry key associated with the driver. At this point, your GPU’s driver and software utility should be uninstalled. If you’re only doing an update to your current driver, you shouldn’t have any issues installing the new driver if you’re too lazy to do more.